January 8, 2014

Are you an artist? Are you a charitable organization?  If so, Appeals for Art gives you valuable guidelines for donating and requesting donations of art. Ann Ranlett and Gayle Rappaport-Weiland believe that by empowering you with information and education, it is possible not only to make this process mutually beneficial but also to increase the profitability for both artists and charities. This is why they created Appeals for Art.

The idea to compile donation advice for artists and charities came from Ann & Gayle’s desire to educate fellow artists and charitable organizations in the process of donating art. After some discussion, they had a light-bulb moment and realized with collaboration, they could make the process of donating art a win-win situation for all involved.

This project is the result of two artistic women with very different approaches to life coming together in their free time and realizing a common goal.  Launched in October of 2012, and the product of two years of brainstorming, researching, compiling and more, Appeals for Art has helped many organizations and artists. Aletta de Wal of Artist Career Training (A.C.T.) took notice of the project and wanted to share it with her clients. Flattered, Ann and Gayle jumped at the opportunity to spread the word. Read their informative interview and listen to the engaging podcast at A.C.T. Aletta also asked Gayle and Ann to contribute information for additional blog posts. Gayle’s:  Ann’s:

Ann and Gayle know that art is indeed a business, relationships are paramount and this information will enhance the success of both the artist and the organization. This relationship with A.C.T. is an important one and they are grateful for Aletta’s support.


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