Yesterday I was down in Old Roseville waiting to go see a show at Civic Theatre West.  I had not been by the Blue Line Art Gallery in several years and decided to stop in. Your work stood out to me!  “Out of the Ashes Comes Love” literally grabbed me. Part of my response to this piece was due to the fact that I am involved in a theater production at Jesuit High School in Carmichael about the attacks on September 11th and  this is very much the thesis of our show, that love can be seen amongst all this hate. Additionally I am working on a year-long Poetic Vision project for an English class in which I must define the meaning of poetic. Your work was poetic, from my perspective. I will be definitely be going back to Blue Line to see it again for my Poetic Vision Project. Thank you very much for your time and beautiful work!

~ Will Peters, high school sophomore, Granite Bay

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