Gayle Rappaport-Weiland, Artist and Art Teacher

Classes temporarily suspended

A Message to My Friends

I am sending you all wishes of good health during this difficult time. I miss you all and know we will be sharing in -person tours and classes soon. I must let you know that all my brick and mortar tours and classes for Fall have been cancelled. I have not been deleted. I am working daily in my Studio creating art and have been focused on my Angel Within Series. Seems like it is what is needed during this wild ride. I continue to visit with you on social media platforms. I have had a few Zoom visits and face time studio tours with several of you. I want to thank-you so much for supporting my art during these hard times. Many of you have asked me about on-line classes and I am thinking about it but have not gotten there yet. Love to hear from you. Please let me know if you would like to purchase art, set an appointment for a critique or individually work with you as you pursue your art career. Good news Seaside Gallery is open for business. If you are local or visiting please stop by and see my work they represent.

You are all the wind beneath my wings and I appreciate you. I always enjoy hearing from you. Keep in touch. Truly sending you the energy of art filled with love.

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I do not have a single style, but many styles of art. My portfolio offers samples of the variety. I hope you find something you have never seen before, something that touches your soul, something that inspires you.