I love people and sharing my art, business knowledge and vision. This enthusiasm is often returned by the amazing people I am privileged to work with and for.

Michele Feinberg, Artist

Michele Feinberg, Artist

Michele FeinbergI attended Gayle’s Business of Art class at Sierra College; I was so pleased with all that I learned. As an artist I gained the insight to create more effective business cards, learn about productively, develop my web site, and take action. Gayle crammed every minute with valuable advice and resources. The outcome of this class was art gallery representation. I highly recommend taking Gayle’s workshop. It is worth twice the price.

~ Michele Feinberg, Artist

Michele Feinberg, Artist

Bobbie Powell, Artist

Since taking Gayle’s instruction on marketing strategies, I have found myself finally putting together a marketing plan. The networking part of her class is worth the fee alone. I connected with a gallery owner and found out how networking works.

~ Bobbie Powell, Artist

Michele Feinberg, Artist

Louise Bachtold, Professor Emerita, UC Davis

Gayle’s artistic talents take her beyond her own productivity in the visual arts, for she is a sought after consultant and dedicated teacher in her field. I am impressed by the numbers of students who have found joyous fulfillment in their painting through her sensitvity in teaching. Failure is no option with Gayle!

~ Louise Bachtold
Professor Emerita, UC Davis

Michele Feinberg, Artist

Judy Bender, California Montessori Project

After attending Gayle’s workshops for beginning watercolor and step by step watercolor instruction I was so impressed with her organization and presentation that we have added her to our own fine arts curriculum. Students at California Montessori Project will be exposed to the same process as Gayle prepares their teachers this fall with training and materials to successfully complete watercolor pieces of their own. We are excited about this new program and are looking forward to having Gayle share her talents and expertise with our staff and students!

~ Judy Bender
California Montessori Project – Teacher, Vice Principal, Curriculum Specialist

Michele Feinberg, Artist

Rosie Stilwell, Special Projects, PlacerArt

Next to Gayle’s passion for creating art, comes the many hours she has spent promoting the arts for Placer County. Her extensive knowledge of media contacts and broadcast opportunities has been very valuable to PlacerArts and the success of the annual Autumn Art Studios Tour.

~ Rosie Stilwell
Special Projects, PlacerArt

Michele Feinberg, Artist

Kathy Patterson, Rocklin Unified School District

Gayle’s expertise and unique teaching ability helped me to bring out artistic talent I never knew I had. I’m so proud of my first painting. I’m framing it!

~ Kathy Patterson
Gate Coordinator, Rocklin Unified School District

Michele Feinberg, Artist

Margot Comer, Artist/Teacher

margot-comerI am so excited about all the painting projects I have lined up for the coming year. I am aggressively planning to enter competitions and to explore gallery representation. My studio is a place of enthusiasm and anticipation.I have significant teaching assignments underway where you have recommended my approach to oil painting. As I challenge and motivate my students, they are doing the same for me!

I credit you, Gayle, for sending me referrals, for discussing ideas for competitions and galleries, and for sharing ideas for upcoming projects. Your friendship is a big part of my positive outlook and my drive to be creative. For all this, I thank you.

~ Margot Comer

Michele Feinberg, Artist

Will Peters, high school sophomore, Granite Bay

Yesterday I was down in Old Roseville waiting to go see a show at Civic Theatre West.  I had not been by the Blue Line Art Gallery in several years and decided to stop in. Your work stood out to me!  “Out of the Ashes Comes Love” literally grabbed me. Part of my response to this piece was due to the fact that I am involved in a theater production at Jesuit High School in Carmichael about the attacks on September 11th and  this is very much the thesis of our show, that love can be seen amongst all this hate. Additionally I am working on a year-long Poetic Vision project for an English class in which I must define the meaning of poetic. Your work was poetic, from my perspective. I will be definitely be going back to Blue Line to see it again for my Poetic Vision Project. Thank you very much for your time and beautiful work!

~ Will Peters, high school sophomore, Granite Bay

Michele Feinberg, Artist

Mark Forbes, Photographer/Artist

As a fellow artist, I appreciate Gayle’s passion and skill. She also has the rare ability to teach others to reveal their inner creativity.

~ Mark Forbes

Michele Feinberg, Artist

Karen Leffler, Student and Small Business Owner

I have moved to Pleasant Hill, so if you do not see me as often in classes, that is why. However…I MUST tell you how much I appreciate how and what you teach in the smallest amount of time. When you said you teach an entire semester in 4 hours, you were not kidding! I recently signed up for a full semester watercolor class locally through adult education and the first class was 3 hours long. We did not so much as put a brush in water let alone paint! Needless to say, I was very frustrated and realized how very much I enjoyed the power packed method of teaching you present. Students only have to take a class elsewhere to realize the expertise and efficiency of how you teach! Thank you! I may just have to adjust my calendar a bit and make the drive to Rocklin or Nevada City because your classes are worth it!

~ Karen Leffler
Student and Small Business Owner

Michele Feinberg, Artist

Beth Rohlfes, Former Curator, Roseville Arts!

Gayle continues to play a key role in bringing people to art and to the resources that enhance their total art experience and that of the community as a whole.

~ Beth Rohlfes, M.A.
Former Curator, Roseville Arts!

Michele Feinberg, Artist

Barbara Shinn, Retired Educator

I have been taking classes in watercolor and acrylic for the past 10 years, since retiring from the world of education. I know teaching inside and out! I’ve taken watercolor courses from 7 or 8 instructors, some local and others who are quite acclaimed with Sacramento on their teaching schedule.

I must honestly say that, while I learn from all of them, Gayle is the best instructor I’ve experienced. She is an exemplary teacher as well as being an artist of note. As you well know, not every skilled artist is also a teacher. Gayle models and demonstrates step by step and we paint in increments. She demos and instructs, then we paint and the process is repeated. She always includes a wealth of techniques and strategies. Each class she teaches has repeat students; yet she always adjusts her instruction to encourage new students and at the same time push the rest of us towards improvement. I cannot commend and recommend her more highly!

~ Barbara Shinn
Retired Educator and Director of the Greater Sacramento Area’s Beginning Teacher Assessment and Support Induction Program (BTSA)

Michele Feinberg, Artist

Clayton Whitehead, CTP, CITM Vice President, Sports Leisure Vacations, Sacramento, CA


Way back in February on the only day during my 3-week trip in New Zealand that I was able to go online, I made a bid on Gayle Rappaport’s in-home art lesson for eight. See, I love KVIE even when I’m on the other side of the world. When I returned to Sacramento, I happily learned I won! I finally hosted the party yesterday. It was AMAZING!!!

She is a wonderfully talented artist, not to mention an extremely nice lady. Many of us had never held a paint brush before. It’s safe to say there was a lot of apprehension in the room before we started, not to mention fear and ego to combat. But she told us to follow her instruction and we couldn’t fail. She was right! My tree actually looks like a tree. So did everyone else’s.

This was an extremely enjoyable event by any measurement. Great for a group of friends, certainly, but I also felt the team-building potential would make it perfect for a staff retreat or company social gathering. Our holiday party is already planned for ’13, but I’ll definitely call upon Gayle for 2014.

~ Clayton Whitehead, CTP, CITM
Vice President, Sports Leisure Vacations, Sacramento, CA

Michele Feinberg, Artist

Wendy Boyd, Rocklin Academy Board of Directors

Gayle brings watercolors alive for children of all ages. Her in-servicing of volunteers brings art to our schools in a cost effective way.

~ Wendy Boyd
President, Rocklin Academy Board of Directors

Michele Feinberg, Artist

David Hosley, KVIE Public Television


Gayle’s a great advocate for our arts community. She brings a lot of energy and broad knowledge to the KVIE Art Auction
every year.

~ David Hosley
Former President and General Manager, KVIE Public Television

Michele Feinberg, Artist

Wanda Nutting, Nurse/Administrator

Lack of talent and time were my excuses for not trying to paint during the last 50 years. With one excuse gone, but talent still lacking….I took a class from Gayle…Wow!

It was not only a great learning experience but enlightening, fun and really exciting seeing MY FIRST PAINTING COME ALIVE.

I’m proof, Gayle can absolutely teach anyone, and talent is not a prerequisite! I will enjoy water coloring for years to come, all because of a great teacher, who uses a teaching method where there can be no failures.

~ Wanda Nutting

Michele Feinberg, Artist

Jan Powers, Sierra College

Gayle is a wonderful artist and teacher. She loves teaching and creates a positive environment for her students that keeps them coming back for more of the wonderful world of watercolors.

~ Jan Powers
Community Education Program Manager, Sierra College

Michele Feinberg, Artist

Connie Holman, Rocklin Unified School District Supertintendent

Gayle is truly a gifted artist, teacher, and business woman. She has been blessed with an incredible talent and the ability to share that blessing with others.

~ Connie Holman
Executuve Administrator to Rocklin Unified School District Supertintendent

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