I have been taking classes in watercolor and acrylic for the past 10 years, since retiring from the world of education. I know teaching inside and out! I’ve taken watercolor courses from 7 or 8 instructors, some local and others who are quite acclaimed with Sacramento on their teaching schedule.

I must honestly say that, while I learn from all of them, Gayle is the best instructor I’ve experienced. She is an exemplary teacher as well as being an artist of note. As you well know, not every skilled artist is also a teacher. Gayle models and demonstrates step by step and we paint in increments. She demos and instructs, then we paint and the process is repeated. She always includes a wealth of techniques and strategies. Each class she teaches has repeat students; yet she always adjusts her instruction to encourage new students and at the same time push the rest of us towards improvement. I cannot commend and recommend her more highly!

~ Barbara Shinn
Retired Educator and Director of the Greater Sacramento Area’s Beginning Teacher Assessment and Support Induction Program (BTSA)

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